What are Ombre nails? Here’s what you need to know!

For starters, Ombre means shaded. When it comes to Ombre nails, the idea is simple – You move from a lighter shade to a darker one or vice versa. An obvious choice is to go to a nail studio and get the design of your choice, but how about getting it done at home? Well, to get Ombre nails, you need a range of three to four colors, a base coat, a top coat and a makeup blender. For designs, you can check websites such as http://www.msmee.com/.

Ombre nails require patience and effort more than tools, and you can find many tutorials online. The idea is to get the nails ready with a base and a solid color coat, after which you can transfer the shades from the blender. You can find varied details online, and if required, you can even use rhinestones and glitter for more effect to the transition.