Tips for Men: Buying Sexy Lingerie for Her

Lingerie is an easy way to perk up your relationship and when you get it right, it can be the best gift that you can give to your love one. The guide below can help you in making the right choices as you shop for lingerie for your lover, girlfriend or wife.

Know Her Size and what She Likes

Before you start shopping, you have to gather important information to make sure that you are equipped with the details you need. Try to play the role of a detective amassing clues that your woman left in her closet. This helps you create a picture of the right gift for her.  Are you selecting lingerie as a surprise for her? If so, then know about her bra size, clothes size, knicker size, lingerie styles in her lingerie drawer, colors in wardrobe and fabrics in lingerie drawer. But if she knows you are getting her lingerie, ask for underbust measurement, overbust measurement, hip measurement, natural waist measurement as well as favorite colors, styles and fabrics.


Choose the Right Lingerie Set

Check the pieces of information you have in your list objectively. Focus on getting the lingerie that she likes instead of what you want her to wear.9b7f4e824eea571a5fe083e87b026d10

  • Pick here favorite fabrics and colors- She may have her favorite color and fabric in terms of underwear such as black satin or red lace. Chances are that she loves these fabrics and colors as they feel and look great and boost her confidence. Consider getting inspiration from her dress collection. Many women like to wear party clothes which emulate the fabrics and colors of lingerie they like.
  • Pick here favorite lingerie style. Try to call on some memories that could help  you in choosing a style your lady will like. Imagine those times when she was dressed up for your date. Did she prefer to smoulder in lounge or satin lace? Did she go all-out in a corset or feel feminine or flirty?


Pick the Perfect Size

Selecting the right lingerie size can be challenging and more forgivable than purchasing a latex body harness if she prefers a nightdress. Keep in mind that many lingerie suppliers have a 365-day return policy that allows you to swap lingerie for a different size. And if you want to buy plus size lingerie, you surely have many options to choose from. To determine her size, consider the following.


  • Dress Size– Even seasoned buyers of lingerie will find sizing as an issue. Different lingerie brands have different sizes and an Extra Small in a brand can be a Large in another. Check your woman’s labels in her favorite clothes to have an idea.
  • Bra sizes– The bra size is used in measuring some lingerie items. Match this to the bra size of your girl. In case she has more than a single bra size, she could be in between sizes. If your partner is like this, check the size in her bra.


  • One Size-Although you can prefer to purchase something that is labeled one size, keep in mind that one size refers to one size fits most instead of fits all. There is the risk that you buy lingerie that is a bit too loose or too tight depending upon the curves of your partner.