The Affordable Way to Add Tanning to Your Salon

Running a business in the twenty-first century is more different than it has ever been; you have to compete with more companies now than ever before; companies from all over the world who provide services over the internet. If you run a salon or some other kind of cosmetic endeavour, you might think you’re insulated from the effects of overseas internet businesses; after all, you can’t really outsource services like manicures and pedicures. That is true, however, people are being drawn to performing these services themselves. They buy products online then try to replicate what they see in a salon. You have to compete with that by offering a service that is unrivalled by any sort of in-home application.

Tanning to Your Salon

One of the ways to beat an in-home product is to offer a complete service. In many places, that means adding tanning to your services. You might have been looking into it but have been worried that it would cost too much; well, it’s not actually that expensive if you know what you’re looking for.

What Do You Need?

First, you need to decide what kind of machine you might need for your business. Spray tanning machines come with many different features and options which make them customisable for different salons. For example, if you’re running a small salon with a core constituency of loyal customers, you might not need a very powerful machine. You can probably do fine with an all in one unit; these units are spray tan gun and turbine combined. That makes them more handheld and more portable than traditional units.

Tanning to Your Salon

Moreover, you’re going to need somewhere to catch the overspray. When you tan someone, the tanning solution is going to end up missing them at some points, so you need to catch it somehow to prevent it from getting all over everything. The most common way to do that is with a tanning tent or a tanning screen. You can decide which is right for you. Tanning tents tend to be a little more cramped but they offer the highest level of privacy. If your guests aren’t quite as concerned about being seen, a tanning screen will probably suffice.

How Expensive Is It?

As with any business investment, you have to think of the price of an item as how much you pay for it leveraged against how much you intend to increase your gross income. So, if a device costs you a few hundred pounds, you should analyse how much extra money you expect to make with tanning. If you’re going to increase your income by an equivalent amount in a few months, then it’s definitely a profitable investment.

Tanning to Your Salon

It’s most important that you don’t pay retail price for your device. Since you’re buying this device for your business, you should make sure you’re paying wholesale prices. Obviously, these will be lower than retail prices and will help you turn a profit even more quickly. Soon, you’ll be making more money than ever.