Natural Fashion Personality

Natural fashion personality is energetic and on the go. Apart from your sport loving athlete, or work professional whose job requires casual attire, she will be your average stay home mother that has made the transition from career lady to dirty diapers and it has made the decision,”What is the point. I am too busy taking care of kids to try. My body system shape isn’t what it was once and i’m best putting on baggy, non customized clothes to cover thisInch.

Because the title indicates, natural fashion personality lives near to character and likes the unspoilt. She treasures wholesomeness in her own fashion and can buy organic and recycled fashion add-ons. Simplicity characterizes this manner personality who likes her fashion add-ons to become functional as she likes ease and comfort.

Natural fashion add-ons

Her wardrobe consists of clothes and fashion add-ons made from natural fibres like linen, silk, pure cotton and made of woll. Pants and jeans really are a all year round wardrobe should have. Acrylic isn’t her style. Unlike the dramatic personality who craves attention, natural fashion personality desires comfort and isn’t about creating a way statement with each and every outfit, only possibly on special events. You won’t see her in exquisitely designed hand crafted leather sandals unless of course these were comfortable.

Hand crafted fashion add-ons

This manner personality is interested in hand crafted fashion add-ons made from natural materials like leather, wood, barrier, spend and recycled material that are reflected in her own selection of handbags, bracelets, ear-rings, bracelets along with other jewelry sets. She isn’t a way junkie who keeps up to date with the most recent the latest fashions and can rarely deliberately look for designer fashion. As a result, designer handbags aren’t her style unless of course they offered practical functionality much like your tote or barrel bag which could carry lots.

Neutral tones

She gets at one with character not just by putting on natural fibres and materials but additionally by mixing along with the shades of character. Neutral tones pervade her wardrobe in addition to hues of rust, eco-friendly, caramel and plum.

This short article was compiled by Arline James-Thomas for Munique Fashion – Munique brings you unique, quality hand made fashion and add-ons from artists all over the world. These exotic designs communicate rarity and say something in regards to you the individual.

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