Keratin Treatment: The Best Way to Straighten Your Hair

Straight hair looks fabulous, with a sleek type of order, but unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with naturally straight hair, and if you are one of the unlucky ones, you’ll be happy to hear there are solutions. Permanent straightening is popular, as it does not damage the hair in any way. You would not have to fear the hair loss, or breaking that can occur with other methods, which is a big plus.

Added smoothness

Using the latest technology, keratin hair straightening offers a permanent solution, while giving extra shine to the hair. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein, which makes the process very effective, whatever the texture of your hair. Keratin is also found in the teeth and nails, and its primary role is to help the hair stay straight and shiny. During the treatment, the keratin breaks down the bond of the hair, allowing it to be manipulated. There are no sprays or gels used, which is good news for your scalp, as some treatments can damage the skin.

Professional treatment

Having your hair permanently straightened is not something for the amateur to undertake. Trained stylists are experienced with all aspects of the treatment, which takes anything up tothree hours, depending on your hair. There are no strong chemicals used, and the keratin is bonded into your hair with a flat iron, giving you straight, shiny hair.

Using an iron

If you iron your hair on a daily basis to achieve that flat look, then you are damaging the hair by regularly applying heat. This is another good reason to consider a keratin straightening treatment, which gives you a permanent straightness, with added shine. The finished effect with a keratin treatment looks more natural than ironed hair, without causing any damage.

How it is done

Keratin hair straightening involves applying the lotion, then straightening the hair with a flat iron and dryer, to give you a lasting flatness with added sheen.This treatment does not wear off, but your hair will grow out, lessening the effect, so you can have short maintenance treatments that will allow your hair to stay straight for up to 6 months.

Straighten Your Hair1

An extra layer of protection

As your hair is now coated with extra keratin, this offers greater protection against the sun, dirt, and pollution. Your hair may look dull a few days after the treatment, but that is only because of the high keratin levels, and it will soon return to looking shiny and healthy again.

Is keratin treatment worth it?

It might be a little expensive, but when you add up all you spend on straightening chemicals, plus the time you spend every day, a permanent solution is a worthwhile investment.

A unisex solution

Permanent hair straightening is not limited to just the ladies, as men often take advantage of that sleekness that straight hair gives, changing their look instantly. So, if you’ve always fancied a straight head of hair, but you aren’t a natural, there is a permanent solution whatever your hair type.