How To Choose Flat Irons For Different Types Of Hair?

Hair straighteners are great styling tools, and there’s something for every type of hair. Today, a wide range of choices are available in flat irons, as these are also known, but selecting one can be tricky. In this post, we will talk about selecting hair straighteners according to your hair type, and along with that, we have a few general tips that may come handy.

Flatirons for fine hair

If you have thin and fine hair, you have to be careful about the styling tools you use. Avoid straighteners that have a singular high setting. You would want to have more control on your heat settings so that the extent of hair damage can be controlled. The best choice for this kind of hair is a ceramic straightener. These are extremely cheap but go for something that has a heavy ceramic coating, so that heat can be retained for a longer period. Ceramic plates are best for thin hair, and there are many choices for most budgets. You can check websites like, where many models have been reviewed.

Flatirons for thick hair

Thick and coarse hair is hard to tame, and quite expectedly, you would want something that can work in two or three strokes. You also need higher heat settings, which can be adjusted as per requirements. Titanium hair straighteners are better for thick and dry hair because the metal heats up quickly and evenly and can hold heat for a longer period. Since the heat is retained in the plates, you can straighten your hair faster than usual. These flat irons are pretty effective, so you don’t have to go over and over a few strands time and again, and thereby, you can reduce hair damage too.

Other things to note

Besides the plates and temperature settings, you have to check a few other aspects, as well. Firstly, select a brand that you can rely on, and also do check the warranty on the product. You don’t want something that’s too messy to handle, and the size of the iron is an important consideration too. Don’t pick a big iron that you cannot manage, but don’t choose something that’s too small and requires a lot of effort. You may also want to check if the straightener can work on wet hair, although that’s not something that experts recommend because heat damage can be extensive.

Don’t forget to buy heat protecting sprays along with the flat iron.