3D Elephant Optical Illusion Night Light and other ideas for the upcoming white elephant gift exchange

If you are wondering what to choose for your upcoming white elephant gift exchange event, the following 3D Elephant Optical Illusion Night Light and other suggestions will help you.

  • 3D Elephant Optical Illusion Night Light: This simple 3D gift is an excellent choice if your guests love science or delusional or tricky products; this is a thin and flat sheet of acrylic and tricks your eyes when lit. You can fix one color, or cycle, in seven colors; this 10,000-hour LED light will not overheat. Additionally, there is no requirement for a power outlet as this product derives power from a USB port.
  • Qualy Design Studio Elephant Wall Key Holder: This product is created by one of the top design studios of Thailand; interestingly, this has an intriguing story: Years back, the king of Siam used to gift a rare and sacred white elephant to the courtiers that displeased him. The latter would never be able to refuse or sell it later; this resulted in mandatory care of the gifted Elephant, and as a result, they would be pushed to a weak financial condition. Interestingly, this serves as a whistle in addition to a key-holder.
  • RainBowl Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light: This may appear as a prank gift but is used primarily by couples; this eliminates the requirement of light at night while using the washroom and prevents you from disturbing your partner. The product has light and motion sensors which sense when you move in the dark and turn off automatically after two minutes once you leave the place. The rim of LED light is made in a way that it fits in the toilet bowl; the light can be changed as you wish.
  • Hats & Hair: If you are unsure of the guests’ choice then you can opt for an ideal gift option like hats; this product comes with a badge of famous characters like that of Star Wars, Disney, and Zelda, and so on.
  • Mario Chain Chomp Lamp: This is an officially licensed desk to task product and has a boldly sculpted Chain Chomp; the steel chain doesn’t move, unlike the head. The head has a LED bulb and lasts for almost 30,000 hours; the product doesn’t overheat after continuous use.
  • Cards Against Humanity: A party game for horrible people! If your guests have a good sense of humor, then this is a good choice. This can be played in the following way.
  1. The judge of the game will have a deck of black cards consisting of questions or fill-in-the-blank statements.
  2. Players will have ten white cards with a response; they will be asked to pick one.
  3. The judge will have the discretion to award marks based on the answer that impressed him/her the most.


Numerous suggestions include the 3D Elephant Optical Illusion Night Light; you can choose one based on the theme, interests of the guests, your budget, etc.

META DESCRIPTION: There are numerous suggestions including the 3D Elephant Optical Illusion Night Light; you can choose based on the theme, interests of the guests, your budget etc.